Niall mac Giolla Bhride

Niall was born in Faymore in Creeslough in 1861. Throughout his life he wrote several poems and published a book in 1906. He also became famous at the time for refusing to pay a fine which he incurred in 1905 when he was stopped by the British police and they found that the name onContinue reading “Niall mac Giolla Bhride”

Owen Roe Sails up the Lackagh Bridge.

Owen Roe O’Neill was in Spain in the mid 1600s once he heard word that he was needed back in Ireland he set sail on the St. Francis out of Santander on June 30th 1642. There was a tense atmosphere on the days leading up the departure as the Spanish sailors worried they might getContinue reading “Owen Roe Sails up the Lackagh Bridge.”

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