Creeslough is situated in North West Donegal along the Wild Atlantic Way. It is 3.5 hours drive from Dublin, 3 hours North West of Belfast and 49 KM from Donegal Airport. The nearest ports are Belfast: 2.5 hours or Dublin: 3.5 hours.

Creeslough is a rural town with currently 393 population. In 1961 there were 242. In the past it was mainly the centre of business for all the surrounding people, with big families on small farms – rearing sheep and cattle, growing corn and potatoes. Most families were self-sufficient with their own garden of vegetables, cabbage, carrots, onions, lettuce, turnips, etc. with their own milk and butter, chickens and pigs. The main items to be bought in the shop were tea, sugar, flour and salt. The biggest outlay for the year was paying the rent.

Today it is less dependent on Farming and more geared to tourism and family owned businesses with many local entrepreneurs. Many other people in the town are engaged in Non-manual/clerical work.

During the summer months visitors come from all over Ireland, the Uk, mainland Europe and North America. They stay in either the holiday home around the town, in the Wild Atlantic Camp in a glamping pod, tent or motorhome or in the nearby luxury hotel of the Shandon at Marble Hill.

The Creeslough Fair, The Creeslough Hall, The Creeslough Co-op, and The Creeslough Railway Station were at the centre or activity for many years but alas have all being confined to history.

About the area

Creeslough is surrounded by Barnes More Gap on the South across to Muckish Mountain through Creenera, past Glenveagh National Park  in the West,
Doe Castle in the East and  Ards Forest Park and Ards Friary to the North. Dunfanaghy is 9km north of Creeslough.

Creeslough is well known for its rich natural beauty and many places of interest. The area is also steeped in history and legend and some interesting Churches.

Corner of the Garden Creeslough. Elevation = 234 ft. 55˝ 07257′ North Latitude and 07˝ 54.278′ West Longitude.

Townlands in Creeslough

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