Creeslough Defibrillator

There are 4 defibrillators in the Creeslough area. There are also a number of first responders who are trained in first aid and are able to attend emergencies locally. As well as the 4 stationary defibrillators there is also a mobile unit which is carried by the first responders.

The defibrillator is used in the case of heart problems and is only recommended by the emergency services. To access one of the defibrillator, the emergency services 999 or 112 will tell you where your nearest defibrillator is located and give you a code to open it.

Photo of Defibrillators in Creeslough.

Defib in Drimnaraw

Defibrillator at Creeslough Tyre Centre, Drimnaraw.

Def in Killdarragh

This defibrillator is located outside the Kildarragh Pump house.

Defib in Gortnalake

There is a defibrillator located in Gortnalake attached to the Gortnalake pump house.

Defib at Brennan’s Pharmacy

There is a Defibrillator located at Brennan’s Pharmacy on the main street.

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