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St. Michael’s GAA got it’s name from St. Michael’s Church in Creeslough. The Parish of Doe has being playing Gaelic Football for more than 60 years. The first club was formed in 1938. The club was re-formed in 1952 and the then curate Fr. James Deeney in Creeslough was it’s first President. It took many years before they purchased their own pitch ‘Parc Naomh Micheal ‘ in Dunfanaghy.
And the official opening in 1984 proved great excitement and entertainment with a friendly match between Donegal v Armagh.

Minor Board formed

The Minor Board was formed in 1994 starting a new era for St. Michael’s

1995 was an eventful year. With the start of the Parish League St. Michael’s provided opportunities for all aspiring young Gaelic Footballers in the Parish to compete with each other for 12 consecutive weeks, in the season when football would not normally be played.

This proved to be a great platform for discovering new talent and developing skills, techniques and confidence and an overall improvement in the club, of interest, support, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. In a small community like ours, we have come from obscurity to compete with the best in the County and each year we are producing new and more talented Gaelic Footballers who have gained the respect and admiration of all.

St. Michael’s GAA Down The Years.

  • 2022 U’13s and U’14s County Champions.
  • 2011 Senor Team Reached 1st Senor Final of The County Championship.
  • 2010 Opened New Clubhouse in Dunfanaghy.
  • 2009 Won Donegal U21. Championship Final. (2nd Time)
  • 2009 Senor Team Retained Div. 1 status.
  • 2008 Won Div 2B league,Promoted to Div1.
  • 2008 Won All Ireland U14 Feile Ladies Team.
  • 2007 Won Reserve Tream 1B Championship Final.
  • 2006 Senor Team reached Semi-Final of the Championship and had the highest no points in the League.
  • 2005 Won North West Minor Final.
  • 2005 Won Ladies Junior Donegal Championship Final.
  • 2005 Won U-15’s Og. Sport.
  • 2004 Won Donegal U21 Championship Final.
  • 2003 Reserve reached the Championship Final and were runner’s up in the League.
  • 2003 Won County U-13A Final
  • 2003 Won County Division 2 League Final and will be promoted to Division 1 next year.
  • 2003 Won County Intermediate Championship Final.
  • 2002 Won County Cumann na mBunscoill. St. Marys National School Creeslough.7/side.
  • 2002 County Finalist Cumann na mBunscoill.
  • 2002 Won County U-12A Final.
  • 2001 County Finalist U-12B + U-14B + U18A Championship.
  • 2001 County Intermediate Semi-Finalist.
  • 2000 County Intermediate Finalist.
  • 1999 Won U-15’s Gaelacht and Og. Sport.    U-16 Finalists.
  • 1999 Won U-9.5 Community Games County Final and reached the Ulster semi-finals.
  • 1998 County Finalist U-9.5 Community Games.
  • 1998 County Finalist U-14B Championship.
  • 1998 Won U-15’s Gaelacht and Og. Sport.
  • 1998 Won U-18B County Championship.
  • 1997 County Finalist U-16B.
  • 1997 Won Junior Gaelacht County Championship.
  • 1997 County Finalist U-14A.
  • 1997 Won U-15’s Gaelacht and Og. Sport.
  • 1996 All – Ireland Finalists.
  • 1996 Won Junior Gaelacht County Championship
  • 1995 County Finalist U-13A Championship.
  • 1995 County Finalist U-14B Championship.
  • 1995 Won U-12A County Championship.
  • 1994 Won Junior Gaelacht County Championship
  • 1994 Won U-12B County Championship.
  • 1994 Finalist U-14B County Gaelacht Competition.
  • 1993 Won U-18B County Championship.
  • 1992 Won Junior County Championship.


  • 1989 Won U-14B County Championship.
  • 1985 Won Junior Gaelacht County Championship
  • 1984 “Parc Naomh Micheal” in Dunfanaghy. Official opening of new pitch with a friendly match between Donegal v Armagh.
  • 1983 Won Junior County Championship.
  • 1980 Won Junior Gaelacht County Championship
  • 1969 County Finalist Junior Championship.
  • 1967 County Finalist Junior Championship.
  • 1967 Won their first County Championship for the U -16’s
  • 1962 County Finalist Junior Championship.
  • 1961 County Finalist Junior Championship.

The clubhouse

The Official Opening of the New Clubhouse at St. Michael’s GAA Park at The Bridge in Dunfanaghy was on Sunday 22nd August 2010.

The construction started five years beforehand with some funding from the GAA.

But a lot of voluntary work went in to complete it.

In the New Clubhouse there are four big dressing rooms, a gym, disabled toilets, an office, a kitchen and upstairs function room of 300sqm. On opening night a dance was held in the function room with Brian McLaughlin, Margaret Rose McFadden and Michael Coyle providing the music.

Volunteering the club

Much of the work was carried out by club members on a voluntary bases. Huge credit must given to one man in particular Ben McFadden Ards, Creeslough, Co. Donegal. Ben was a Electrician by trade and he voluntary carried out all the Electrical work, Pluming work, Sewage work and completed the car parking area and all drainage. The St. Michael’s GAA. Club is indeed much indebted to Ben for his hard work and all his time spent on this project.

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