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Listen to songs and music from the area. We are always looking to add new music please get in touch with your music or songs.

There’s no tow bar on the back of the Hearse

Written and sung by Seamus Harkin

Road to Creeslough

Sung by Bridie Gallagher.

A little Piece of Heaven

Composed and sung by Ben McFadden.

Muckish song

Written and composed by Ben McFadden.

Cuttin the corn in Creeslough today

Written by Percy French.


Dear Danny I’m taking the pen in my hand, to tell you we’re just out of sight of the land,in a big Anchor liner we’re sailing in style, and we’re sailing away from the Emerald Isle.

A strange sort of sigh seems to come from us all, as the waves hit the last bit of old Donegal, sure it’s good to be you that is taking your tay (tea), where they’re cutting the corn in Creeslough today.

Sure I spoke to the Captain but he won’t turn around, and if I swam back I’d be apt to be drowned, so I’ll stay where I am for the diet is great, and there’s lots of combustibles piled on my plate.

Although it is sumptuous sure I’d swap the whole lot, for the old wooden spoon in the stirabout pot, and Katie fornenst me a-wettin’ the tay, where they’re cuttin’ the corn in Creeslough today. There’s a woman on board who knows Katie by sight, and we talked of ould times til they put out the light, I’m to meet the good woman tomorrow on deck, and we’ll talk about Katie from here to Quebec.

Sure I know I’m no match for her, no not the least, with her house and two cows and her brother a priest, but the woman declares Kitty’s heart’s on the say(?) (sea?), while mine’s with the reapers around Creeslough today.

Ah goodbye to you Danny there’s no more to be said, for I think the salt water’s got into my head, and it drips from my eyes when I call to my mind, the friends and the colleen I’m leaving behind. And Katie herself when she bade me goodbye, had just a slight trace of a tear in her eye, And the break in her voice when she said “you might stay”, but please God I’ll come back to ould Creeslough today

Noreen Bawn

Sung by Bridie Gallagher. Inspired by Niall McGiolla Bride.

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