Niall mac Giolla Bhride

Niall was born in Faymore in Creeslough in 1861. Throughout his life he wrote several poems and published a book in 1906. He also became famous at the time for refusing to pay a fine which he incurred in 1905 when he was stopped by the British police and they found that the name on his cart was in written Irish. All businesses had to write their name in English. His case was Brought to the courts in Dublin and Padraig Pearse defended him. Niall lost the case.

Niall and his mother around 1900

Some titles his poetry include: Noreen Bawn(1910) The Castle of Doe”Marble Hill and Mo Chró Beag ag Bun Chnoc a’ Tighe (My wee house below Crockatee) where he lived. He died in 1942 but will always be remembered for his poetry about Creeslough.

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