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The late Dominick McFadden from Creeslough was a fervent reader. His library was full of local and Irish history books. Dominick must have bought almost every book written by local authors and writers. Some of the books found in his well stocked library are mentioned below. There are still many yet to be discovered within his library and will probably make it on the next list.

Some of the authors below either have a strong link to Creeslough or were inspired by the area.

Local contributors

Creeslough view

Annual contributor led book containing stories about local people and reminiscing memories of Creeslough. The latest issue is in store now. If you would like a copy of the latest book please get in touch.

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Creeslough Dunfanaghy

The Creeslough Dunfanaghy history and guide book was printed in 1988 and is still the main source of reference for the town and surrounding areas. If you would like a copy of this book please get in touch. Buy latest book.

Seamus Harkin

Seamus Harkin was born and grew up in Creeslough. He wrote several books thoughout his life. This enjoyable book is about his life in and around Creeslough. If you would like a copy of this book please get in touch. Buy latest book.

Kevin McFadden

Kevin Mc Fadden was a native of Carrigart but Creeslough and the surrounding areas was the main inspiration for his book.
Two stories from the book were inspired by tales from Creeslough Mary from Mountcharles and Sile Bean na Tarbh.

Lawrence Donegan

Lawrence Donegan is Scottish native that came to Creeslough to write for a local newspaper. This witty and light hearted book is about his life as a local news reporter in Donegal.

Margaret Carey

Local mother Margaret pens a heartfelt life story of losing a son and in the aftermath how she found strength and purpose in daily writing and prayer to live her life as full as possible.

Fr. Silvester O Flynn

Fr O’Flynn wrote this book while in the Capuchin friary in Ards. This book is a helpful spiritual guide for prayer groups who wish to reflect on the scriptures. He also wrote other books the Good news of Matthew’s year, the good news of Marks year and the good news of luke’s year.

Martin Mc Fadden

Martin Mc Fadden is from Carrigart near Creeslough. Martins’ book is his story about one man battle with the bottle. Martin Jim  launched his new book ” Sober, I am not afraid” his autobiography in Letterkenny on Friday 13th June 2008 the feastday of of St. Anthony of Padua death in whom Martin had great devotion. 

Fr. John Silke

Fr . Silke from Creeslough wrote this compact history of the Diocese of Raphoe. The book is filled with interesting facts about different churches in the diocese and the history of christianity in the area.

John P. Lavelle

John P. Lavelle’s mother Sarah Ann McBride came from Creeslough before emigrating to Philadelphia, USA. In 1996 Judge John Lavelle  wrote and published  “The Hard Coal Docket ” which is a history of Carbon County as seen through the prism of the legal system. The book features his due process analysis of the famous “Mollie Maguire” Trials in Carbon County  in the late 1870’s and determines whether they Mollies received a fair trial.

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